Shirley Collier

Coaching and mentoring

Most people find it helpful to discuss change, and all that goes with it, with someone else in a confidential and supportive setting. Based in York, I offer face to face coaching, mentoring and further support to people across the UK. To hear more about my take on coaching, click here to listen to a recent radio interview I did.

The premise of my coaching practice is that you have all the answers within you to the challenges that surround you. Coaching sessions are therefore non-directive – I don’t give you the answers, but I do support you in discovering them. A mentoring meeting will include more guidance, sharing of my knowledge and understanding and can therefore be described as more directive.

Typically a coaching or mentoring relationship lasts for 6-9 sessions over a period of six to nine months. It is preceded by a telephone conversation where you can ask questions about the process and indicate the particular area you would like to work on. Each face to face coaching session is two hours long and can be held at your workplace or somewhere away from work. The first session is based around a detailed history of you, what makes you tick and influences you, and what you want to get out of coaching. Further sessions then focus on exploring all aspects of the isuse you want to work on. At any point in the coaching you can highlight approaches which are working, or not working, for you and we will adapt our working style to best suit you. Sessions are charged at an hourly rate and are discounted when you commit to a series of six to nine sessions .


What clients say about Shirley...

  • "At a time when I am facing great uncertainty in my current job and trying to plan ahead for the future, Shirley was able to provide a thoughtful and objective coaching session which has boosted my confidence at this difficult time. Her extensive experience in the cultural sector means Shirley is able to provide meaningful and well-placed advice that has opened my eyes to new opportunities."  
    Zoe, heritage and education sector

  • "Shirley helped me at a time when I was making a transition from working in private sector banking to working in the third sector. She helped me to craft a CV that both told the story of why I wanted to change my career direction, and demonstrated how my previous experience was relevant to the jobs I was seeking. Shirley's advice was both helpful and insightful. Her warmth and positivity were a great support and ensured I tackled the challenge of this transition with optimism and confidence."  
    Alex, private banking sector

T: 01904 656151

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