Is your organisation experiencing rapid growth, and do you want to optimise your team now and for the future?

As an experienced leader and former CEO with a strong record of achievement in the heritage and further education sectors, I offer a range of consultancy and training services which help organisations to learn and grow throughout the business cycle.

When you’re closely involved in a project, a new product or service delivery, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees! As an external consultant I assimilate information about your business quickly and analyse it so that insights and learning become clearer. I can help you map out a way forward, working alongside you and your business partners to ensure that your plans are sustainable.


With ever increasing public scrutiny of boards and trustee bodies, the need for good governance has never been greater. As a governance consultant I help you to review or create the frameworks within which your organisation operates and assess its capability. Covering a range of issues from legal compliance to effective board behaviours, I tailor my advice to your context and ensure that your Action Plan is written in plain English. And of course I use my coaching skills to help you stick to those plans!

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Heritage Evaluation

Whether your project is internally sponsored or externally funded, independent evaluation helps you learn what made you successful and how to embed good practice for the future. As an evaluator I will work with you at the start of your heritage project to help you identify the conditions necessary for your project to succeed. Using Theory of Change techniques, I map out short and longer term outcomes and work out the data which will demonstrate what you have achieved. I review the data you gather to ensure it’s fit for purpose, and write reports using your data as evidence for the outcomes you planned and the change you wanted to make.

Organisation development and training

In the current volatile and unpredictable world, no doubt you are refreshing your company strategy? From updating company values to designing development packages I can help you translate those new plans into meaningful action for teams and individuals. Forward thinking businesses value flexibility and inclusivity and are building these into HR processes. Working alongside you, I develop bespoke training to upskill managers and support a diverse workforce.

Would you like to discuss my heritage or learning and development consultancy services, and how I can help your organisation? Schedule a discovery call to learn more.