Career and Professional Development

Have you recently received a promotion, started a new job, or embarked on an entirely new chapter of your career?

Professional development coaching can be valuable at all stages of your career, but really comes into its own helping you adapt and excel during periods of change.

In a new role – whatever stage of your career – the first 100 days are crucial in helping you assimilate new information, articulate your personal approach and set yourself up for future success. During this period, it can be helpful to discuss your experiences with someone else, whether you’re taking a step up on the career ladder or moving into an entirely new industry or sector.

You might also find it useful to read my discovery call guidelines, which are designed to give you an idea of what to expect on our first call, and some tips for preparing.

Insightful, supportive, challenging and intelligent. All the qualities you might want in a coach, Shirley can provide. I was at a crossroads when I first started working with her and she helped me set new goals, organise my time and maintain a good work/life balance. I would thoroughly recommend Shirley’s services.

Patrick, Journalist

Our career development coaching sessions will give you a confidential space to work through the challenges of settling into a new job. I provide an empathetic listening ear to help you process the changes you’re going through, and will support and challenge you to develop new behaviours and make the most out of the opportunities your new position has to offer.

Would you like to find out how coaching can inspire you to succeed in your new role? Schedule a discovery call to learn more.