Leaders and Managers

Are you experiencing a challenging situation at work? Would you like to develop your leadership and management skills within your current role?

Leadership coaching gives you the tools you need to find focus and clarity, and become a more effective leader and manager.

Many people struggle when dealing with challenging situations at work, such as changes in strategic direction or structural changes like mergers or acquisitions.

You may start to experience difficulties with areas such as focus or time management, even if these were never a problem in the past, and it might be difficult to see the best way forward for you and your team.

In these situations, it’s helpful to talk things through with a professional leadership coach in a confidential and supportive setting. My outside perspective will help you see new angles to a situation and come up with alternative solutions.

I can’t rate Shirley highly enough. She has worked with me in a practical and focused way to identify tools, as well as pre-existing skills and strengths, that I can draw on to help me when I’m feeling overwhelmed and under confident about my work. Shirley helped me to focus on ways to make life work better for me and my family, and to step back and look at the bigger picture too, which has been invaluable.

Susan, Barrister

In our coaching sessions I will help you understand your leadership style and your responses to different people and situations. I’ll help you become a more confident decision maker, respond more effectively to challenges, and develop behaviours which benefit both your team’s performance and your own professional development.

Would you like to discuss how coaching can empower you to succeed in leadership? Schedule a discovery call to learn more.