Most people find it helpful to discuss change, and all that goes with it, with someone else in a confidential and supportive setting. Often an outside perspective allows you to see new angles to a situation and new solutions.

What does change mean to you? Do you need to adapt your style and meet new business needs following restructure? Do you want to respond more effectively to internal challenge and develop behaviours which will benefit your team? Coaching can help you do this – and more besides.

Shirley’s coaching programme is tailored for you, based on what you (and your business) need. Coaching conversations come in a set of six and take place as often as you want them. They last an hour and a half and can be held face to face or by skype, 8am to 8pm, depending on what works best for you. What’s more, you can contact Shirley between sessions to sound out ideas, or get a pep-talk for the change you’re making.

To find out how soon Shirley could be working with you, get in touch.

“As part of the process we agreed a set of objectives and focus areas with my boss.  We continually referred back to these to ensure we were focussing on the right things and sense-checking to ensure we had addressed everything.  The real benefit that Shirley provides is the ability to challenge both mine and other views. This is done in a supportive way and ensures that the strategies we create are well thought out and rounded.  Every session is effective”.  Jeremy, CIO, automotive industry